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PocaFamily DIY - Free Download

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This is the full set of EAGLE CAD and Gerber Files required to build the PocaFamily

Download here

PocaSynth - Based off the Forest Mimm's Stepped Tone Generator circuit, this bastardized Atari Punk console project is the perfect little beginner's synth for any enthusiast to build.

PocaSeq - Building off the success of the PocaSynth, the PocaSeq is its new best friend. It's a simple 5 step sequencer, built off the CD4017 decade counter and 555 timer chip the Seq adds sequencing functionality to any willing module.

PocaFilter - Inspired from the MFOS Noise Toaster, the PocaFilter brings much needed low-pass filtration to tame the gnarly square waves of the PocaSynth.

PocaLFO - The only digital entry to the Poca lineup, the PocaLFO introduces 4 digital waveforms to modulate CV destinations of its Poca counterparts. Based on an Arduino Nano, the PocaLFO aims to educate students on how to write code for microcontrollers.

This ZIP file also includes a PDF for making PCBs using the toner transfer method. This project is designed specifically for people building a PCB for the first time, but also for people etching their own boards for the first time. Wide tracks and generous isolates reduce the chances of short circuits.

In order to construct this kit with no wiring, the builder will need access to: PCB-mounted SPDT (on-off-on) switches, 5mm LDRs, 9mm vertical potentiometers and Thonkiconn Jacks. Of course, other jacks, switches and sensors can be used too.

The Pocasynth was designed by AFA for Synthfarm Edition 5 held in Kolkata and conducted by Varun Desai aka 5volts

You are free to use the Gerbers and schematic in any way you want. We encourage modification and passing those mods back to the DIY community. If you can make it even easier to build, I salute you.

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