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Animal Factory Amplification

(DISCONTINUED) Eurorack: Orobas I - Vacuum Tube VCA/Saturator/Distortion (Limited Edition)

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SOLD OUT! Version 2 Ships September 2022

Selected by Music Radar as one of the best Eurorack/modular releases at Winter NAMM 2020, this tube VCA took Animal Factory back to its origins as a tube amp builder. Two identical VCAs that can be connected in parallel, mono to dual mono or series. Full range amplification for thick bass, tubes operating at medium voltages so that control voltages have a noticeable effect on tonal characteristics.

The signal routing possibilities and control offered by this module will open up a ton of usage possibilities - use it as a dual 4-channel tube mixer, or an end stage saturator, for mild saturation or for severe wave-folding. The characteristics of this tube make for one unique VCA. Add the CV-controllable feedback loop to the mix and you will very likely (we don't guarantee this though) open up dark portals of cosmic influence and summon goetic demons into your life.

The first batch of Orobas will ship, as far as stocks last, with NOS American (RCA, or manufactured by RCA under a different brand name) 6SJ7 tubes. The circuit runs them at approximately 65V, well below their regular operating voltage of 300V, effectively extending their lifespan tremendously

As this is a very limited run of a time-intensive, hard to assemble module, Orobas is not eligible for any discounts. 

More demo videos and a manual to follow - till then, enjoy the clips below! 

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