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Animal Factory Amplification

Eurorack: Godeater Bass Distortion

$319.00 USD
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You wanted big, big bass distortion in Eurorack format. We built it, then made it better.

This module is based off one of our user favourites, the Godeater pedal. Far from being a simple rehousing of the pedal, it is a comprehensive redesign that allows Eurorack users to make the most of their control signals. 

The inspiration behind the original Godeater circuit was to distort bass guitar without needing to blend in the clean signal or sacrifice the low end. This module offers CV control over almost every parameter without compromising on the signature sound of the classic circuit.

The newest edition of the module sees small improvements , including an improved dry/wet crossfade function, wider range on the input filter, and comes with an expansion header installed for future expansion. 

Key Features:

  • Designed for full-bandwidth saturation keeping the bass intact
  • Three controls for complete tonal and low-end sculpting
  • Spectacular for kick drums!
  • CV controls for almost every parameter
  • Improved crossfading from clean to dirty


Product information

  • 35mA @ +12V
  • 25mA @ -12V
  • Length - 14HP
  • Depth - 22mm