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Animal Factory Amplification

Eurorack: Baron Samedi II Chaotic Fuzz

$245.00 USD
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Not just a Eurorack version of our beloved Baron Samedi Fuzz Pedal, but a very versatile sound mangling unit in its own right.

After a lot of research, we gave up trying to figure out what exactly this module does. In the process of our investigations, however, we succeeded in making this module even wilder and weirder than it already was.

We know that it chirps, shrieks, growls, distorts, defecates, destroys and does other such wonderful things to whatever pristine sounds you sacrifice to it. Absolute chaos under your CV control. For those who are looking to open all the wrong sonic doors on their way to the afterlife, look no further.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for mangling sounds beyond all recognition
  • CV-controllable self-oscillation - can generate sounds from deep basslines to percussion
  • Flexible routing options with separate dry and wet-only outputs
  • What do you mean by "gentle", mortal?
  • Controlled chaos - sounds are highly repeatable, not lost forever at the turn of a knob. 

Product information

  • 30mA @ +12V
  • 24mA @ -12V
  • Length - 12HP
  • Depth - 22mm