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Animal 5: Pit Viper

Animal 5: Pit Viper

  • ₹ 13,500.00

She’s the crawling queen snake, baby, and she rules your den. Seductive in silver, it’s hard to take your eyes off this serpent. Appropriate handling will reward you with smooth and responsive tones. Getting too comfortable, however, will result in this Animal striking with minimal warning and fatal consequence.

The Pit Viper is an unabashedly solid-state overdrive derived from the Flail Channel of our Ozymandias pedal (version 1). With a bite that is at once poisonous and mesmerizing, it goes from a gritty clean boost to a raw, full-fledged amp-on-full-tilt roar.

Using the three-way switches in tandem with the control knobs allows you to dial in varied clipping and compression textures. What's more, it stacks superbly with other overdrives and sounds equally good on solid-state or tube amps. We’re very proud to present a pedal whose simplicity does not dilute Animal Factory’s obsessive design philosophies: idiosyncratic sounds, high addictive potential, stunning looks and not likely to leave your board soon.

 Hand-built with pride in Bombay, India.



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