Superbooth 2023 News: Animal Factory Reveals New Pedal and Synth Prototypes


Animal Factory at Superbooth 2023

Superbooth News

On 11th May 2023, at the auditorium at Superbooth 2023 in Berlin, we unveiled what we’ve been working on tirelessly for the last couple of years. During COVID, we had a chance to step back and think about what it means for us to be building pedals, modules and other things in India for a global market. The prototypes shown below show the results of that process. While we are still months away from production and delivery, Superbooth 2023 has been a great opportunity for us to get some feedback on our new enclosure designs. We developed the new form-factor in collaboration with industrial designer Raunaq Sandhu, keeping ergonomics and desktop use in mind, and are excited to share this new look for AFA pedals with the world.

Except for the Godeater, which is in fact cast and machined aluminium, the other enclosures in the photos are 3D printed prototypes. The final versions will be cast metal, and will feature adapted versions of our signature AFA art style for the front panels.

New Products Revealed at Superbooth 2023

In addition to our current range of Eurorack modules, we were excited to share our new stand-alone synth and updated pedal line up at this year’s Superbooth show in Berlin.


Asura – Hybrid East/West Cost of India Synth

The Asura, meaning “Enemy of the Gods” in Sanskrit, is our new compact desktop synth which combines a compact form-factor, intuitive touch-pad controls, and two wavetable oscillators (developed by Sanjay Das aka Philtersoup) with an aggressive distortion circuit. The oscillators can be summed before or used to modulate each other within a hyper-aggressive fuzz circuit that acts as a harmonic shaper. The synth features no filtering, creating some seriously heavy industrial tones. 


Aphasia – Liquid 8-Stage Polyrhythmic Phaser

The Aphasia is our all-new pedal featuring an 8-stage analog phaser and two on-board LFOs. Each LFO controls four phaser stages and provides five selectable waveforms, allowing for polyrhythmic effects. The LFOs can also be set to a sync mode which allows for tap tempo. In this mode of operation, the LFO knobs control clock divisions.


Godeater v3 – Tectonic Bass Distortion

The new Godeater pedal brings all the features of our renowned bass distortion to the new form-factor, and also adds new features including a balanced output, and a new output mixer stage instead of a blend knob.


Chemical Burn v3 – Face-Melting Wall of Fuzz

The pedal which started the whole madness of Animal Factory Amplification is back with extended controls and a switchable level boost. With its tone shaping and octave controls, the Chemical Burn has always been much more than just another fuzz, and now in its upcoming third iteration, it’s pretty much guaranteed to melt the facial features right off your skull with its sheer sonic punch. 


Baron Samedi v2 – A Fuzz so Crazy, we Can’t Even Describe it.

The chaotic Baron Samedi is coming back with vengeance. With unique esoteric controls like Life, Death, and Voodoo, the Baron is utterly rewarding sonic chaos. As ever unpredictable but controllable, the Baron’s second coming is yet to take its final form – we are hard at work implementing a CV controllable feedback loop and envelope sensitivity to build the definitive version of this wild pedal.  


Pit Viper v3 – Vicious, Venomous, Voluptuous, Overdrive

The expressive, dynamic distortion and tonal punch of the Pit Viper is back with extended controls. New clipping knobs in place of the old switches allows you to get your distortion sounding exactly as you want it, along with the new bass and treble boost/cut tone control, the new Pit Viper is sure to earn its place as an essential part of your pedal board.


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Animal Factory Amplification – Pedals, Eurorack Modules, and More from Bombay, India

Each AFA product has a unique personality of its own, and with the new pedal-line up, we are creating a range that emphasises each product’s unique identity. In addition to the sonic and control enhancements, all the updated pedals are designed with convenience and ergonomics in mind, featuring soft switches for true bypass and a new power board design that is polarity-agnostic and USB-C power delivery enabled. 

We plan to have the new products on shelves in 4-6 months from now, and we are hard at work finessing and expanding the prototypes shown at Superbooth 2023. To stay updated on exciting new product developments, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list in the footer below.