Eurorack Mixer Module with Quad VCAs and Stereo Summing – Tannhäuser Gates by Animal Factory Amplification

Unleash your inner voices with Tannhäuser Gates, a quad VCA stereo mixer module for Eurorack

One of the key components of a Eurorack modular synthesizer system is the mixer module. Eurorack mixers allow you to combine multiple signals in your synth patch, blending different sound sources into a cohesive mix.

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Importance of Mixer Modules in Modular Synth Setups

Mixer modules play a critical role in your modular setup by allowing you to control the level and balance of each sound source in your mix. Additional features such as the ability to pan sounds left and right, built in VCAs, and send-return capability further expand the sound design and performance possibilities of your modular synth. This allows you to create complex, multi-layered soundscapes with ease.

Tannhäuser Gates – Versatile Eurorack Stereo Mixer with Sends, CV Inputs, and More

Tannhäuser Gates Eurorack mixer module 
The Tannhäuser Gates is a Eurorack mixer module by Animal Factory Amplification that offers a unique blend of functionality to supercharge your sonic arsenal. Features of the Tannhäuser Gates include:

1. Stereo Performance Mixer

Channel flow diagram of the Tannhäuser Gates Eurorack mixer module. The Tannhäuser Gates features a VCA for each channel, as well as master a CV control to modulate each input simultaneously. This makes it one for the best Eurorack performance mixers for every use case.

The Tannhäuser Gate's four channels each feature a discrete VCA with CV inputs, stereo panning, tilt EQ, and mute switch. All channels have individual mono outputs and are also summed at the module's stereo outs. This makes the Tannhäuser Gates indispensable for Eurorack performers.

2. Quad VCA with Rich Overdrive Sound

Animal Factory modules are renowned for their rich distortion, and the Tannhäuser Gates is no exception. The module has a distinctive warm and fat tone when driven hard.

3. CV Control

Each channel's level can be controlled by an external control signal, letting you inject a sense of life into your mixes. In addition, the master CV input can be used to modulate all channels simultaneously - for example, to build a polysynth patch.

4. Full Stereo Send/Return for Summed Master Output

Module signal flow diagram of the Tannhäuser Gates Eurorack mixer module. The Tannhäuser Gates features a master stereo send/return path for easy incorporation of effects. The summed stereo output of each input can be sent to an external module by corresponding send and return jacks for left and right channels.

The Tannhäuser Gates' features a master send/return path for the summed stereo outputs, allowing for easy incorporation of effects modules. This further enhances the sound shaping capabilities of your modular synthesizer setup.

5. Compact Design

Despite its impressive feature set, the Tannhäuser Gates only takes up 20 HP of rack space, making it the best Eurorack mixer for almost any use case.

6. Expandability

Expansion diagram of the Tannhäuser Gates Eurorack mixer module. There are three expansion inputs to receive from three additional Tannhäuser Gates mixer modules, as well as other expansion outputs for future possibilities.

Up to 4 Tannhäuser Gates modules can be daisy chained to provide 4, 8, 12, or 16-channels of Eurorack mixing. This opens up a whole new world of possibility with your modular setup.

7. Flexibility

DIP switches on the back allow you to accommodate different output levels, while soft-clipping jumpers allow for altering distortion characteristics to your preference. Additional expansion ports keep room for future possibilities.



Eurorack Mixers – Not Just Utility Modules

The Tannhäuser Gates shows how a mixer can help you create rich, layered, sonic compositions. Its expandability and ease of use lets you to start with a single 4-channel module and upgrade to an 8, 12, or 16-channel Eurorack mixer setup as your needs evolve on your modular journey.

Tannhäuser Gates – Buy Now on the AFA Store