Blush Response Takes the AFA Effects Lineup for a Spin


Blush Response tries out the Animal Factory Amplification Eurorack FX Modules
Synth overlord Joey aka Blush Response has taken the Animal Factory Amplification Eurorack Effects lineup for a spin and shared his thoughts in his latest YouTube video. Put on some quality headphones, wear diapers and prepare to get blown away.

Joey loved the aesthetic of the modules and was impressed by the overall quality of the sound even when the signal is completely breaking apart – to him, a sign of high-quality distortion. Besides the three distortion effects, he also appreciated the Coma Reactor's ability to make a "nice little sludgy mess", the Vivisect's CV processing abilities, and the sweet sound of the Bonesaw filter.

"Animal Factory makes high-quality, high-end sounding distortion products with cool ideas, cool build, amazing aesthetics. I'm a big fan of these modules straight out of India"

- Joey Blush / Blush Response

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